Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Division continues to be one of the most diversified divisions within the Department. The Division’s goal is to protect Mississippi consumers on a daily basis by enforcing retail food safety and sanitation laws and regulations, weights and measures standards, and food labeling requirements in retail food establishments such as convenience stores and grocery stores. The Division conducts routine inspections of all retail food establishments throughout the state to ensure that food safety and sanitation regulations are being met.

The Division’s inspectors routinely examine meat market sanitation, ensure food is stored at appropriate temperatures, confirm the availability of hot water and soap in restrooms, and monitor stores to ensure the absence of insects and rodents. They also ensure consumers receive the quantity of the goods they pay for by testing scales and UPC pricing for accuracy to make sure the consumer is not being overcharged or undersold when purchasing a product.

It is essential to ensure catfish, shrimp, and crawfish being promoted as U.S. products are not being discreetly replaced with foreign substitutes. The Consumer Protection Division makes inspections in restaurants throughout the state, making sure to prohibit retailers from selling similar foods disguised or labeled incorrectly as U.S. products.

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