The Bureau of Regulatory Services

The Bureau of Regulatory Services is a regulatory bureau within the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce. Its mission is to effectively and efficiently administer and enforce the laws and regulations charged to the Bureau. The foremost goals of the Bureau are to protect the health and economic welfare of all citizens, to afford a measure of economic protection which citizens cannot provide for themselves, and to strive for equity in the marketplace which, when realized, works to the good of all citizens of this state.

The Bureau is divided into area-specific divisions that regulate certain businesses within the state. The Bureau administers state laws and promulgates regulations to support those laws in the areas of Meat Inspection, Retail Food Sanitation, Labeling laws, Grains, Aquaculture, Peanuts, Petroleum, and Weights and Measures. The Bureau partners with multiple federal and state agencies to carry out its mission.

Mississippi requires the manufacturer or distributor of any weighing device(s) offered for sale, sold, installed for commercial use, or used commercially shall subject such device to type evaluation testing by National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP), National Conference on Weights & Measures (NCWM). Any weighing device not covered by a certificate of conformance from such agency shall not be used commercially in this state.

The National Conference of Weights and Measures maintains a listing of NTEP approved devices:

NTEP Approved Devices Lookup

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Jennifer B. Thompson,
Bureau Director

P.O. Box 1609
Jackson, MS 39215

Phone: (601) 359-1111
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