Weights and Measures Division

Weights and MeasuresThe Weights and Measures Division inspects and tests scales and measurement equipment used in commerce to ensure compliance with state laws and equity in the marketplace.

Division inspectors make routine inspections on all types of commercial weighing devices including railroad scales, vehicle scales, livestock scales, hopper scales, floor scales, bench scales, and those used to weigh precious metals and stones like gold, silver, and diamonds. Inspectors conduct package inspections to verify the net contents of packaged commodities and price verification inspections in businesses that utilize UPC scanning systems. The Division also investigates complaints involving weighing and measuring devices.

In addition, the Division licenses livestock facilities, livestock auctioneers, pulpwood facilities, bonded weighmasters, scale service companies, and repairmen that install and repair weighing or measuring devices within the State of Mississippi.

Mississippi requires the manufacturer or distributor of any weighing device(s) offered for sale, sold, installed for commercial use, or used commercially shall subject such device to type evaluation testing by National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP), National Conference on Weights & Measures (NCWM). Any weighing device not covered by a certificate of conformance from such agency shall not be used commercially in this state.

The division also maintains the Moisture Meter Testing Laboratory in the Town of Sardis.

The NCWM maintains a listing of NTEP approved devices:

NTEP Approved Devices Lookup

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