Advertising Guidelines

In order to advertise you must be a subscriber.  To place an ad, you must include your name, mailing address and account number of the subscriptionEach subscriber is allowed to place two ads in the Bulletin, only one ad per category.

All listings must be agriculture related (raised, grown, produced or operated on your farm).   At the top of your ad, write the category that the ad should be listed under. We reserve the right to edit, revise or reject each ad.   If you submit your ad by Fax or Mail, please type or print your ad.

There is a 30-word limit for all classified advertisements, this includes the price (of the item you are selling), city, county, and telephone number.  If you do not want a phone number listed please include name and complete address.  Ads cannot be held over from one issue to another.  You must mail them in for each issue.  Advertising deadlines are posted in each issue of the bulletin and on the Market Bulletin website for your convenience.

Out of state residents are not eligible to advertise with the following exceptions:  Out of state ads are allowed in the “Wanting to Buy” category and Out of state ads are allowed for individuals owning farm property within Mississippi that is being offered for sale.