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Agritourism Resource Links

Visit Mississippi Agritourism and Local Foods Lunch Break Webinars | Mississippi State University Extension Service ( Growing Your Brand | Mississippi State University Extension Service ( Insurance Information for Agritourism Businesses ( Growing Your Brand: Developing a Marketing Plan Workbook | Mississippi State University Extension Service ( Agritourism Safety - Integrating Safety into Agritourism ( [...]
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Agritourism Forms

Agriculture Related Programs » Download Registration Application Getting the word out is essential to the success of any program, meeting or workshop whether targeted to a specific group or open to the public. This site is designed to assist you with reaching those individuals or groups that will benefit from your information. Examples of types [...]
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Registration Guidelines & Application

» Mississippi Agritourism Registration and Guidelines (PDF)  » Mississippi Agritourism Application (PDF) Under Mississippi Law, an agritourism professional must register with the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce and meet the following criteria. Definitions 1. “Agritourism” means the travel or visit by the general public to, or the practice of inviting or allowing the general [...]
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Agritourism Activities

Agritourism is a business on a working farm, ranch, or other agricultural enterprise that offers an educational and fun experience for visitors while generating supplemental income for the owner. Mississippi’s rich and colorful agricultural heritage is filled with great innovation and success, and although it remains a leading resource in the state’s economy, agriculture constantly [...]
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Mississippi Agritourism

Take a real working farm and those who own the land and work so hard to preserve it. Reflect on what you might find if you were to visit such a farm. A big old red barn? More than likely, yes. Stalks of corn and bales of hay? A definite possibility. Strawberries, blueberries, muscadines, tomatoes [...]
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