Agritourism Activities

Agritourism is a business on a working farm, ranch, or other agricultural enterprise that offers an educational and fun experience for visitors while generating supplemental income for the owner.

Mississippi’s rich and colorful agricultural heritage is filled with great innovation and success, and although it remains a leading resource in the state’s economy, agriculture constantly changes with time, technology, needs, and opportunity.

Another vital component to Mississippi’s economic development is the state’s Travel and Tourism Industry. Although an estimated 20.8 million people travel to and around Mississippi each year, its marriage with agriculture has, until now, been a well-kept secret. By linking these two driving forces in Mississippi’s economic development efforts, a very successful partnership is being realized.

Mississippi Agriculture, with its history, lore, and legend, along with today’s farm operations, ideas, and practices being developed for the future, are here for exploration and adventure.

Our many agritourism farms welcome everyone to a way of life that lies at the heart and soul of Mississippi. The charm, hospitality, and warm spirit of the people who live this rural life across our great state creates an ambiance distinctly unique to Mississippi.
For adventure, fun, and entertainment, as well as a desire to learn more about the history, customs, and culture of Mississippi’s working farms, look to the Hospitality State’s many agritourism operations. The offerings are many and diverse and will leave a lifetime of memories.

U-pick/U-cut operations Winery tours
Pumpkin patch Garden & nursery tours
Corn or hay bale maze Agriculture related museum
Hayrides Christmas tree farms
Petting Zoo Agricultural crafts
Horseback riding Agricultural exhibits
Wagon rides Parties
School tours & field trips Corporate meetings
Agricultural fairs & festivals Family reunions
Wildlife viewing & photography On-farm sales
Guided crop tours Farm/ranch vacations
Camping & picnics Fishing
Bed & breakfasts Bird watching
Farmers markets Bicycling
Hiking & walking

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Agritourism Director/Program Specialist

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