Tree Surgery Licensing

A Tree Surgery License is required for persons who advertise in a local phone book, newspaper, newsletter, bulletin, the internet, or other prominently displayed sign as a licensed or bonded or insured tree surgeon and receives compensation for any work or consultation relative to the care, pruning, cabling, bracing, topping, trimming, fertilizing, cavity work and removal of ornamental trees and shrubs in any manner. Nothing shall prevent any person from performing such services as long as their advertising does not include the description licensed or bonded or insured.

There is no cost for a Tree Surgery License.

How to Obtain a Tree Surgery License: 

  1. Applicants must submit a License Exam Application (PDF) and qualify to take exam.
  2. Applicant must take the exam on the scheduled date and time. Tree Surgery Exam Study Guide (PDF)
  3. Once applicant passes exams, submit ID card application(s) for the license holder Request for Issuance of License or Permit (PDF) and employees RTID Application (PDF). For applicants who failed an exam(s) and want to take the exam(s) again, submit the Exam Retake Application (PDF)
  4. A Certificate of Liability Insurance minimum of $100,000 is required for license issuance. It is the responsibility of the licensee to know when his/her insurance expires and to get it renewed prior to the expiration date. Tree Surgery Insurance Form and Instructions (PDF)

License Validity: 

Tree Surgery license is valid for an indefinite period unless suspended or revoked for cause. Reasons for suspension or revocation can be found in Mississippi Laws & Regulations, Subpart 3 – Bureau of Plant Industry, Chapter 11 – Regulations of Professional Services, Subchapter 05.

Other Requirements:

  1. License holders, employees, and laborers engaged in soliciting business shall have an ID Card.
  2. All vehicles and mobile equipment shall be marked for easy identification.
  3. License holders shall keep records of all work performed including contracts issued for 2 years.
  4. Records shall include location, kind of services performed, date performed, materials used and any other information necessary for a complete record.
  5. License holders must keep the Bureau of Plant Industry updated with any changes to their company information by submitting the Company Information Change Form (PDF).

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