Pesticide Applicator Certification

Under the provisions of the Mississippi Pesticide Application Law, the Bureau carries out various activities to certify commercial and private applicators of pesticides, cooperate with EPA on enforcement of federal pesticide laws, inspect records of applications of restricted-use pesticides and investigate pesticide misuse complaints.

Commercial Applicators Certification
The sale and application of certain types of pesticides are restricted by law because of the probability of adverse effects on humans and the environment if these pesticides are improperly used. Pesticides classified as “restricted-use” may be applied only by or under supervision of applicators certified by the Bureau as competent and knowledgeable. Such applicators must attend training sessions and pass a written examination before they receive certification. For more information go to
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Private Applicator Certification
Private applicators are producers of agricultural commodities (farmers). To meet certification requirements, they must attend an approved training course and pass a written examination.  For more information go to

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