Magnolia Gardens


On the occasion of its 60th Anniversary, the Avenue of Magnolias will transition to a new program in 2021.

Over the past six decades, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce planted tens of thousands of magnolia trees on our highways across the state in memory of or in honor of Mississippians.  In 2019 alone, Mississippians made contributions for nearly a thousand living memorials; all of which, with the cooperation of the Mississippi Department of Transportation, will be planted throughout the rest of the year.

Thanks to the generosity of generations of Mississippians, the program has reached full capacity of magnolia plantings in areas not constrained by federal highway rules and regulations. While we can always revisit future Avenue of Magnolia opportunities and replacement trees, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture will announce the details of a new “Magnolia Gardens” program in 2021.

Magnolia Gardens will continue to feature the State Tree of Mississippi, the magnolia; but it will also encompass other beautiful native trees, shrubs, flowers and plants. We are exploring options including planting living memorials in state parks and properties and potentially local avenues, as well as beautification at the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museum and the Mississippi State Fairgrounds.  Our intention is to continue to beautify the state through the generosity of Mississippians and better provide an opportunity for people to actually visit the living memorials they have contributed.

For more information, please contact:

Ginger Williamson
Deputy Bureau Director
Timber Commerce Liaison
(601) 359-1150