Magnolia Gardens


The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce is proud to partner with the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum Foundation to continue the Magnolia Gardens program, the successor to the Avenue of Magnolias.  Magnolia Gardens offers a way to honor or memorialize loved ones with a living legacy.

For six decades, the Avenue of Magnolia provided patrons the opportunity to contribute funds in exchange for a magnolia tree planted in honor of or in memory of loved ones. Over the years the program planted tens of thousands of magnolia trees along state highways. Due to new federal highway regulations, the program transitioned into Magnolia Gardens which continues the tradition by creating a beautiful garden area for you to visit and enjoy while reflecting on those whom it represents.

The Magnolia Gardens can be viewed at the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum, located at 1150 Lakeland Drive in Jackson, Mississippi. The museum is centrally located and is open year-round to visitors.

The ultimate layout of the gardens pays homage to the Avenue of Magnolias with a magnolia-lined boulevard, a sidewalk lined with magnolia trees, and landscape with stone and rock-scaping with an occasional water feature leading to the main garden which has a formal design incorporating a variety of plants, trees, flora, stone, water, and wood. During the evening, the gardens will be strategically lighted to enhance the beauty of the design. Visitors can enjoy strolling along a walkway of stone pavers lined with the lush landscape circling the bronze “Working Man” sculpture donated to the Museum in 2011. Visitors will also notice the beautiful container gardens and cypress wood seating. A pathway of stone pavers leads to two water features with built-in seating framed by cypress wood shutters. Floral beds offer seasonal beauty outside of the central area.

Thanks to more than $100,000 in your contributions, the initial garden was completed in 2021 to honor the 60th anniversary of Magnolia Gardens, formerly known as Avenue of Magnolias.

In order to complete the gardens to include everything as planned, an additional $150,000 needs to be raised.

Every donation is greatly valued, regardless of the amount. All donations will be acknowledged with a letter and if the donation is in honor or in memory of someone, a certificate will be mailed to the designated party, informing them of the donation.

Donations exceeding $5,000 will be acknowledged with a plaque at the garden site. The contribution form can be mailed with your monetary gift to the address on the form.

Meanwhile, enjoy the renderings and walk-through video of the Magnolia Gardens.

*Gifts are Tax Deductible.

For more information, please contact:

Theresa Love
Executive Director
Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum
(601) 432-4510 or (601) 432-4500
Fax:  (601) 982-4292