Keath Killebrew Charisma Scholarship

Keath Killebrew Charisma Scholarship


Keath Killebrew, co-owner and farmer with the Killebrew Cotton Company in Tchula , Mississippi, dreamed about farming and ranching as a young boy. He accomplished everything he ever dreamed of because he woke up every day on his knees and then used the hard-working hands, big heart and brilliant mind God gave him. Keath never gave up. He died trying to accomplish a new dream in another country and although his life was cut short, he lives on in the lives of his family who have vowed to continue his life’s work. 

Keath and his twin brother Heath, have row crop farms spread throughout 6 counties in Mississippi. They farm cattle and bees also. Keath was not just a farmer, he was an artist who lived life with urgency and adventure. He believed that you have to try in life to accomplish anything. The Killebrew family has set up a scholarship in his name called the Keath Killebrew Charisma Scholarship that will be given to a young person who is passionate about agriculture and helping others in this field. 

Keath Killebrew used his spiritual grace, knowledge of agriculture, love of people, sense of adventure, and passion to make the world a better place as a vessel to share God’s love and grace. The Killebrew Charisma Scholarship seeks to continue his life’s work through helping a young person who is passionate about agriculture and serving people through their future career.

This year’s scholarship invites applicants who are currently high school seniors (Class of 2022) who have a proven work history, who are passionate about agriculture and helping others, and who will be majoring in agriculture or a related field. Applications are due June 15, 2022. All application materials must be submitted electronically through Keath Killebrew Charisma Scholarship online application, which has now closed. Scholarships will be awarded during a special ceremony during the 2022 Mississippi State Fair. The minimum scholarship award will be $1000 per recipient. Multiple scholarships will be given.

Please also visit The Killebrew Charisma Award Fund website to become more involved.