County Correspondents

The County Correspondents Program is to strengthen communication between the department and farmers, ranchers, and landowners across all 82 counties in Mississippi.

With farmer liaisons serving as local contacts in all 82 counties, local agriculture and commerce issues can be communicated to our County Correspondents, who will then deliver the information to MDAC for responsive action to whatever local issues and/or interests may arise.

AdamsJackie Sojourner (beef cattle)
AlcornReed Mitchell (row crops)
AmiteHeath Hughes (feed store)
AttalaJames Rasberry (equine)
BentonMatt Orman (row crops)
BolivarDonald Gant (corn, soybeans, rice)
CalhounPerry Bailey (sweet potatoes)
CarrollJim Neill (beef cattle, timber)
ChickasawJan Hill (beef cattle, corn, soybeans, cotton)
ChoctawKenny King (beef cattle)
ClaiborneDavid Doyle (row crops, beef cattle)
Betsy Lipscomb (Board of Animal Health)
Lonnie Fortner (row crops)
ClarkeLisa Smith (fruits & vegetables, owner farmers market)
ClayJon Elliott (beef cattle, co-op manager)
CoahomaPete Hunter (corn, soybeans)
CopiahSteve Smith (livestock equipment sales, beef cattle)
CovingtonJo Lynn Mitchell (agritourism, corn, soybeans, peanuts)
Brett Sanford (corn, soybeans, cattle, farm supply store owner)
DeSotoPatrick Swindoll (corn, rice, soybeans)
ForrestJoe Morgan (peanuts, cotton)
Billy Hudson (beef cattle, timber)
FranklinDr. Pat Larkin (beef cattle, veterinary)
GeorgeMike Courtney (cattle, cotton, watermelons, peanuts)
GreeneClifton Hicks (beef cattle)
GrenadaDavid Hayward (beef cattle, timber)
HancockLouis Breaux (soybeans, beef cattle, hay)
Jim Currie (forestry)
HarrisonShay Marin (beef cattle)
Wayne Guillot (horticulture)
HindsKendall Garraway (row crops, feed store)
Scott Cannada (beef cattle, row crop)
HolmesLarry Killebrew (row crops and beef cattle)
HumphreysDempsey Rutledge (row crops)
IssaquenaClark Carter (row crops)
ItawambaDanny Holley (row crops, small grain)
JacksonRita Seward (beef cattle, peanuts, cotton, agritourism)
JasperTommy Bishop (beef cattle, timber, poultry)
JeffersonLouis Guedon, (row crops, beef cattle)
Jefferson DavisReggie Magee (beef cattle, timber)
JonesLarry Jefcoat (beef cattle, MS Delegate on Cattlemen's Beef Board)
KemperKenneth Kingery (catfish)
Dwight Jackson (beef cattle)
LafayetteRandy Crowe (cotton)
LamarMike Keith (horticulture, feed store)
Ethan Goggans (blueberries)
Taylor Hickman (soybeans cattle)
LauderdaleWilliam Jones (timber)
LawrenceKevin Wallace (beef cattle, poultry)
LeakeKirby Nazary (beef cattle, poultry)
LeeDanny Bishop (row crops, beef cattle)
LefloreHugh Arant (row crops)
LincolnScott Smith (poultry, soybeans)
LowndesMatt Brignac (row crops and ag pilot)
MadisonJames Foy, (row crops and Madison County Co-op Board)
Sammy Blossom (beef cattle)
MarionJason Reagan (poultry, cow calf)
MarshallRonnie Jones (forestry)
MonroeBen Harlow (cotton, corn, and soybeans)
Alan Atkins (peanuts)
MontgomeryRon Wood (feed store)
NeshobaShelby Beason (dairy, beef cattle, and forage)
NewtonJody Wagner (beef cattle, timber, poultry, soybeans)
NoxubeeJoe Huerkamp (cotton)
Philip Good (soybeans, corn)
OktibbehaJulie White (beef cattle, livestock, ag education)
PanolaSledge Taylor (beef cattle, row crops)
Pearl RiverLarry Davis (cattle)
PerryAustin Smith (honey)
PikeMark Wallace (timber)
PontotocMatthew Poe (row crops)
PrentissBradley Taylor (dairy)
Clay Green (row crops, beef cattle, grain elevator)
QuitmanBob Workman (cotton, rice, soybeans)
RankinKevin Rhodes, (poultry, cattle, Ag Credit Board)
David Boyd (row crop and agritourism)
ScottTommy Harrison (beef cattle and feed/seed salesman)
Josh Slay (poultry, beef cattle)
SharkeyCharlie Darden (row crops)
SimpsonStacey Broadhead (beef cattle)
SmithCharles Waldrup (beef cattle, commercial vegetables, Smith County Economic Development Director)
StoneJ.B. Brown (beef cattle, forestry, sheep)
Dan Batson (horticulture)
SunflowerPreston Arrington (corn, soybeans)
TallahatchieGabriela Brasher (cotton, soybeans)
TateMike Ferguson (dairy)
TippahMike Graves (row crops, county government - supervisor)
TishomingoTommy Moody (cotton)
TunicaJon Koehler Bibb (cotton, wheat, rice, soybeans)
UnionJerry Morrison (timber)
WalthallDoug Popwell (dairy)
WarrenMack McKnight (corn, soybeans)
WashingtonLeo "Chico" Williams (row crops, timber, equine)
WayneWillie Taylor (poultry, corn, cattle, timber)
WebsterCala Tabb (cotton, peanuts, corn, soybeans, produce, and ag education)
WinstonRobin Fulton (beef cattle, corn, and soybeans)
YalobushaColey Bailey (cotton)
YazooBenie Jordan (row crops)

Constituents interested in finding their County Correspondent can contact:

Claude Nash
County Correspondent Director

P.O. Box 1609
Jackson, MS 39215

Phone: (601) 359- 1123
Fax: (601) 359-1175