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Certified Farmers Markets Program

Farmers Markets Managers Events

Virtual Farmers Market Manager Workshop – April 24, 2024 Cottage Foods at Farmers Markets Data Collection for Farmers Markets Data Collection for Farmers Markets Presentation (PDF) Social Media, Promotion FA’s, and Genuine MS

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Mississippi Certified Farmers Markets Program

The Mississippi Certified Farmers Market program is a voluntary branding program, created and administered by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce to promote and identify a market place for Mississippi grown fruits, vegetables, plant materials, and other products made and/or processed in the state. Factors that define the term “Farmers Market” and distinguish farmers [...]
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Mississippi Farmers Markets Permit Requirements

Farmers markets often offer an array of items in addition to fresh fruits and vegetables. These items often include farm-fresh eggs, jams and jellies, baked goods, and other specialty food items.  While some items that are sold at farmers markets may not require permitting or licensing, there are regulations for certain items that are sold [...]
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