Laws – Meat Inspection Services

The Animal and Poultry By-Products Disposal Law of 1964
Section 41-51-1 through 41-51-33 Regulates the disposition of animal and poultry inedible waste. The law designates the Department as the responsible agency for licensing and inspecting of rendering plants and the disposal of their products. Administered by the Meat Inspection Division.

The Meat, Meat-Food, Poultry Regulation & Inspection Law of 1960
Section 75-33-1 through 75-33-39 Provides for the inspection of meat, meat-food and poultry and the licensing and inspection of the facilities used for such processing.

Mississippi Meat Inspection Law of 1968
Section 75-35-1 through 75-35-33 Specifies inspection requirements concerning adulteration, misbranding and processing. In addition to providing consumer protection, the program strengthens the market for Mississippi-produced livestock.

Meat Processors and Related Industries
Section 75-35-101 through 75-35-107 Provides that inspection shall not be provided for facilities processing carcasses not intended for human food and that such carcasses are to be denatured. Regulates transactions in or transportation of dead, dying or diseased animals.

Meat Inspection, Federal and State Cooperation
Section 75-35-201 Provides for cooperation between the Department of Agriculture and Commerce and the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States.

Meat Inspection, Auxiliary Provisions
Section 75-35-301 through 75-35-325 In 1971, Mississippi became the 24th state to comply with the Federal Wholesale Meat Act of 1967.


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