Laws – Other Responsibilities

The Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce also has, by virtue of his office, the following responsibilities:

Mississippi Board of Animal Health
In 1968 the Legislature enacted House Bill 552, Section 69-15-1 through 69-15-13 (PDF), which changed the name of the Livestock Sanitary Board to the Mississippi Board of Animal Health. The organization consists of the Commissioner of Agriculture as the chief executive officer and ex-officio chairman; and the heads of the Animal Husbandry, Dairy and Poultry Departments at Mississippi State University as three ex-officio members; and eleven other members, as appointed by the Governor, to represent the various segments of the livestock industry. This board is charged with the duties of dealing with all contagious and infectious diseases of animals that may be prevented, controlled or eradicated, and with the operation of a diagnostic laboratory for aid in diagnosing diseases of animals.

The Mississippi Fair Commission
Section 69-5-1 (PDF) created the Mississippi Fair Commission. The Commission serves to promote agricultural and industrial development in the state and to encourage farmers to grow better livestock and agricultural crops. Membership consists of the Commissioner of Agriculture, chairman; Director of the Cooperative Extension Service; President of the Mississippi Association of Fairs; a representative of the Mississippi Department of Economic Development; and a representative of the City Commission of Jackson. Click here to visit the Fair Commission section of this site.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality Permit Board
Section 49-17-28 (PDF) was amended in 1985 to provide for the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce to be a member of the Board.

Egg Marketing Board
Sections 69-7-251 through 69-7-339 (PDF), enacted in 1973, established the Egg Marketing Board with the Commissioner as ex-officio member. The measure provides for the Department to collect fees and issue licenses.

The State Seed Board
Sections 69-3-103 through 69-3-121 (PDF) provide for the State Seed Board to regulate the official state seed certification agency. The Board consists of the Commissioner of Agriculture, the President of Mississippi State University, the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, Mississippi State University; two members from the certifying agency membership; one member from the Mississippi Seedmen’s Association; and one representative of state seed breeders.

The State Soil and Water Conservation Committee
Section 69-27-9 (PDF) establishes the State Soil Conservation Committee with duties of providing for soil conservation districts to conserve soil resources and control soil erosion. Membership is composed of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce, State Forester, President of Mississippi Association of Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners and first and second vice presidents of the association. Ex-officio members are the director of State Extension Service and the director of the State Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station.