Laws – Pesticide Programs

Mississippi Pesticide Law

Section 69-23-1 through 69-23-29 The Mississippi Pesticide Law requires the registration of all pesticides sold or distributed within the state and the licensing of dealers of restricted-use pesticides.

Mississippi Pesticide Application Act

Sections 69-23-101 through 69-23-135 Purchase and application of certain types of pesticides are restricted by law because of the probability for causing adverse effects on humans and the environment if improperly used. Pesticides classified as restricted-use may be applied only by or under the supervision of applicators certified by the Bureau as competent and knowledgeable after attending training and passing a written examination.

Agricultural Aviation Law of 2009

Sections 69-21-101 through 69-21-128 The Bureau regulates and licenses all aerial applicators and aircrafts engaged in the application of pesticides, poisons, seeds, fertilizer, and chemicals.