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Brands Registrar

For information about the brands registar, please contact: Brandie Bairfield, Brands Registrar Livestock Brand Book & Registration: » Brand Registration Form (PDF) » Mississippi 2017 - 2022 Livestock Brand Book (PDF) (updated May 2024)
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Ag Theft District Investigator Map

[printicon align="left"] STATE DIRECTOR Dean Barnard (800) 678-2660 LT-01DISTRICT 5 George Brown (769) 798-6423 LT-15 INVESTIGATOR Jamie Laird 769-209-3054 LT-10DISTRICT 6 Jamie Taylor (662) 897-2512 LT-16 DISTRICT 1 Leon Wedgeworth (601) 540-2559 LT- 11DISTRICT 7 Eric Johnson (601) 310-6132 LT-17 DISTRICT 2 Mark Miller (601) 259-8086 LT-12DISTRICT 8 [...]
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History and Makeup

The Mississippi Agricultural & Livestock Theft Bureau, (MALTB), was formed by the State Legislature in 1993, to better serve the State's agricultural community. With Agriculture being a large part of the States economy, this Bureau has been of great service. The MALTB is made-up of a Director, Brand Registrar/Secretary, and nine (9) Investigators. One Investigator [...]
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Mississippi Agricultural & Livestock Theft Bureau

The duties of the Mississippi Agricultural & Livestock Theft Bureau are to enforce all the laws of the State enacted for the purpose of preventing the theft of livestock, agricultural and aquacultural products and implements; to make investigations of violations thereof and to arrest persons violating same. The Bureau was also formed to put emphasis [...]
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