Wild Hog Control Program

As part of its Nuisance Wildlife Management Program, the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) is proud to offer wild hog traps to land managers for the control of wild hogs on private agricultural and forestry lands in Mississippi. Traps will be deployed in concentrated focal areas across the state. Focal areas will be determined by MDAC through an application process.

The application process will open September 28, 2020 for a two week period. Submitted applications will be ranked based on number of acres available for trapping and historical agricultural losses caused by wild hogs on the property.

A cooperative application is encouraged for small acreage (i.e., adjoining land managers of small parcels should work together to submit one application). Traps will be available for one-month intervals, dependent upon use and success. One trap per 1,000 acres is recommended, depending on landscape and land use.

MDAC will provide:

  • Smart trap with cellular camera. Includes 12v battery and solar panel for power source.
  • Data service for cellular camera.
  • T-post for camera.
  • Trailer for transporting trap.
  • On-site evaluation and trap setup.

User will provide:

  • Completed user application (application available September 28, 2020).
  • Photographic evidence of wild hog damage on property with application.
  • Access to property for MDAC site evaluation and trap delivery/retrieval.
  • A smart phone or tablet for use with traps. The “HogEye Camera Management” app must be downloaded on the user’s phone or tablet.
  • Personnel to maintain, monitor, and use traps.
  • Bait for pre-baiting and trapping. Shelled corn is recommended.
  • A 7-day pre-baiting period and photographic evidence of bait site(s) being used by wild hogs. Period length may be adjusted based on wild hog usage of bait sites.
  • Proper disposal of wild hog carcasses. All trapped wild hogs must be lethally removed from traps. Burial of carcasses is recommended.
  • Monthly report regarding the number of wild hogs trapped and killed.

For more information or questions regarding the Wild Hog Control Program, contact Chris McDonald at

A signed Equipment Use Agreement between MDAC and the User is required for all trapping equipment.

User assumes all risk and liability for the use of the Equipment.

All rules and regulations pertaining to the take of nuisance animals in Mississippi must be followed. GENERAL REGULATION FOR THE TAKING OF NUISANCE ANIMALS – MDWFP (PDF)