Meat Inspection Division History

Mississippi is one of twenty-seven states that have a meat inspection program. The Meat Inspection Division of Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce (MDAC) began with the Meat, Meat-Food and Poultry Regulation and Inspection Law of 1960. The law was amended with the Mississippi Inspection Law of 1968 at which time it entered into a cooperative agreement with the USDA. The purpose of the cooperative agreement is to establish a meat and poultry inspection system that is “equal to” the federal inspection system. MDAC also has cooperative agreements for the Talmadge-Aiken Program and the Compliance and Investigation Division program.

In 1964, the Animal and Poultry By-Products Disposal Law was enacted. This law requires MDAC to control and regulate the transportation over state highways and disposal of poultry by-products, slaughterhouse offal, and carcasses of dead animals.