Seed Permits

Dealers of seed must obtain an annual permit from the Bureau for the sale of planting seed. The cost of the permit is based upon the type of operation:

Permit A
Packet seed in closed containers less than 4 ounces sold. through commission merchants or agents at permit fee of $2.50.

Permit B
Vegetable seed in containers of 4 ounces or more sold at retail. but not displayed on rack at permit fee of $5.00.

Permit C
Seed sold at retail to consumers at permit fee of $25.00.

Permit D
Fee of $5.00 for each such place of business. Each seedsman engaged in selling seed to wholesale distributors only.

Permit E
Seed sold to wholesale distributors at permit fee of $100.

Farmers are not required to purchase a permit for the sale of their own production seed offered at the farm. They may submit one sample of each type of seed they produce for testing per calendar year at the seed laboratory without charge. Additional samples submitted from farmers are subject to a service charge. All samples submitted from dealers are subject to a service charge.

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