A permit issued by the Regulation of Professional Services Program at the Bureau indicates a person has a thorough understanding of the pests that the pest control operator (the license holder) is licensed to control. It also indicates the person is competent to apply or supervise the application of a restricted-use pesticide under the categories listed on the license of the pest control operator. A permit, however, is not a license.

Permit Categories:

WDI Wood destroying insect control
GRC General pest and rodent control
MBF Mosquito and Biting Fly Control
HCP Horticultural pest control
ORP Orchard pest control
DAP Domestic animal pest control
FUM Fumigation pest control
AGP Agricultural pest control
AGW Agricultural weed control
AQW Aquatic weed control
ROW Right-of-way weed control
HCW Horticultural weed control

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