Landscape Horticulturist and Tree Surgery Licensing

Landscape Horticulturist License
Required for persons engaged in landscaping services and the setting or replacement of any plants.  No person shall advertise in any manner, solicit business, place bids, enter contracts or receive a fee to render landscaping services and setting of plants without first obtaining a license.  A Landscape Horticulturist License is not required for irrigation installation and lawn maintenance (grass mowing, fertilizing, etc.). Persons engaged in lawn maintenance shall not have the words landscape or landscaping in their business name for it is considered a form of advertisement for landscaping and setting of plants.

Tree Surgery License
Required for persons who advertise in a local phone book, newspaper, newsletter, bulletin, the internet or other prominently displayed sign as a licensed or bonded or insured tree surgeon and receives compensation for any work or consultation relative to the care, pruning, cabling, bracing, topping, trimming, fertilizing, cavity work and removal of ornamental trees and shrubs in any manner. Nothing shall prevent any person from performing such services as long as their advertising does not include the description licenses or bonded or insured.

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