Laws – Service Divisions

In addition to these primary laws, the Department administers several service divisions. These are:

Agricultural Statistics
Through a cooperative agreement between the Department and the National Agriculture Statistics of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Mississippi Agricultural Statistics Service provides statistical data. The joint pooling of resources eliminates duplication of effort and makes it possible to more effectively and efficiently serve the statistical needs of the state’s largest industry, agriculture. Mississippi Agricultural Statistics Service has played an important part in the development of new methods in data collection and analysis which have been used throughout the country to improve the reliability of crop and livestock estimates.

Federal-State Inspection Service
This service operates under a cooperative agreement between the Department and the consumer and marketing service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The jurisdiction of the agency covers fresh fruits, tree nuts, peanuts, vegetables, poultry and poultry products. By providing official inspection services, the agency performs a very important part in the orderly marketing of agricultural commodities. This agency is financed by fees collected from persons or firms voluntarily using the service.

Market News Service
The Market News Service, which attempts to provide unbiased and accurate information in relation to livestock and other commodity markets, is a cooperative effort of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The objective of the Market News Service is to collect and disseminate information concerning supplies, movement, prices and market conditions of agricultural commodities, as needed to serve the Mississippi agricultural industry.

Mississippi Market Development
The promotional arm of the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce strives to educate the consuming public at home and abroad on the quality of Mississippi-grown and processed food, fiber and related agricultural products. Our in-state promotional effort is teamed with the many commodity groups of which sale of a product is the common goal. Division associates set up and man commodity booths in high traffic-areas such as shopping malls, conventions, state and local fairs, etc. Associates are also called on to give informative talks on different phases of agriculture to civic, professional, school and farm organizations. Our message is also carried in the printed media as well as radio and television where we present “Where” and “How To” educational features on purchasing and preparing Mississippi agricultural products. Division personnel work as liaisons between the Mississippi producer and the foreign buyer to place Mississippi agricultural products around the world. Mississippi, along with 15 other southern states and Puerto Rico, is a member of the Southern United States Trade Association.

Market Bulletin
The semi-monthly publication, as authorized in 1930, serves as a marketing means for a wide range of agricultural commodities. Residents of the state engaged in agricultural pursuits are permitted to list items for sale or want in the publication. The Market Bulletin is distributed to interested state residents for a nominal fee of $10.00 per year. Out-of-state subscribers are charged $15.00 per year.