Laws – Administrative

Mississippi Catfish Processors Fair Practices Act of 1986

Section 69-7-651 through 69-7-669 (PDF) Provides methods of purchasing catfish, other security requirements and unfair practices. Requires the registration of catfish processors.

Mississippi Grain Warehouse

Section 75-44-1 through 75-44-71 (PDF) Regulates and licenses public grain warehouses and authorizes the Commissioner of Agriculture to administer the law and to promulgate rules and regulations necessary for its enforcement. The law provides that each operation must obtain a license prior to issuing a warehouse receipt. The law was amended in 1978 to redefine grain and related terms and to provide for licensing and bonding of farm warehouses.

Mississippi Grain Dealers Law of 1978

Section 75-45-301 through 75-45-315 (PDF) Requires grain dealers to be licensed and maintain surety bonds, certificates of deposit or letters of credit.