To assist your food service establishment in conforming with House Bill 728, please take a moment to provide the following information by either internet, fax or mail. The Department will provide the appropriate signage for U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish establishments in response to this submittal.
Mississippi law requires food service establishments, which includes restaurants, snack bars, deli’s, etc., to provide the consumer, with Country Of Origin Label (C.O.O.L.) on catfish.
1. Do you serve U. S. Farm-Raised Catfish at your establishment?
(C.O.O.L. information is required on the Menu or Table Tent or by Signage in Prominent Location)
Yes No
2. Do you serve Imported Catfish or like species (i.e.: Basa or Tra) at your establishment?
(C.O.O.L. information MUST BE ON THE Menu)
Yes No